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No Sunlight on Fracking

February 17, 2017News Clip

In addition to jobs and the economy, Virginia’s future is predicated on how we meet our energy needs. Recently, several bills that impact the environment and the safety of Virginians have made their way through the House of Delegates.

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Bill Would Hinder Municipal Broadband Program

February 10, 2017News Clip

Our future, at least part of it, exists on the internet. Already many in our country and across the world depend on this tool for commerce, information gathering, and even government transparency. However, a real question that has to be posed is how to we access the internet. Many have a connection at home, though in rural areas this is not always the case. Or, in the case of places like Alexandria where competition for service providers does not exist, we live at the mercy of wireless phone companies or our single local cable provider.

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Nonpartisan Redistricting Needed

February 6, 2017News Clip

At the core of our Democracy we find a central figure … the vote. Voting is how we elect leaders who make the laws that shape our society. It is how we know we are free people and our voices are heard. It is why politicians of all stripes listen to what we say when we write or call or protest. There is nothing more sacred than the ability to cast your vote and have it matter. During the 2017 legislative session voting rights have been a key figure for debate in Richmond.

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Supporting Community-Engaged Policing

January 27, 2017News Clip

A safer Commonwealth, with laws that protect us and protect our basic dignity, is something for which lawmakers across the political spectrum strive. While we differ in ideology and how we implement our beliefs into the laws of which we are stewards, we all take real action.

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Growing the State's Economy

January 18, 2017News Clip

Last week, the 2017 Virginia General Assembly session began with a call from Governor McAuliffe for us to work across partisan divides in order to help nurture the New Virginia Economy and make the Commonwealth a place that we all want to live in. In the past year we have seen unexpected election results, economic downturn in states that prosecute our LGBT brothers and sisters, and other states that have raised the minimum wage have seen a positive impact on their economies. We can all agree that we need to work to make our economy strong.

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End of Session Update

May 1, 2016News ClipA letter to the people of Alexandria's 46th District

Now that we have completed the 2016 Legislative Session, I wanted to update you on my accomplishments, make sure you know about key initiatives, and where to access information on new laws coming into effect later this year.  As always, please feel free to contact my office at 703-606-9705 or if I can be of assistance.

I am proud of my work for you in Richmond. Working across the aisle, I was able to help make the Commonwealth a safer and fairer place. Here are some of my bills that have become law:

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February Session Update

March 1, 2016News ClipUpdates from Richmond

With February come to a close, I can truthfully say that the legislative session so far has been eventful.  We have seen a number of important actions from the executive branch, successes and failures in bipartisanship, and I am happy to report a number of my legislative proposals are on their way to the Governor’s Desk.

Before going into the details of this session. I want to make sure that you know that today, March 1 is Primary Election Day here in the Commonwealth. To find your voting location, please click here.


Executive Action

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Special Session

August 17, 2015News ClipRedistricting and the Supreme Court

The Governor called the legislature into special session on August 17th to deal with redistricting and to elect judges.

Recently, federal judges affirmed a decision striking down Virginia’s 2011 gerrymandered congressional redistricting plan. The Court found that race was a predominate factor, not just one of many considerations, in crafting the plan
and thereby violated the Equal Protection Clause of the U.S. Constitution.

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Delegate Herring endorsed by the Virginia Education Association

August 4, 2015News Clip

Earlier this summer the Education Association of Alexandria invited Delegate Herring to join them in order to present her with a Virginia Education
Association Solid as a Rock Award, in recognition of her stalwart support of public education during the last session of the General Assembly.

In addition to recognizing her voting record earlier this summer, the Virginia
Education Association Fund has endorsed Delegate Herring for re-election to the House of Delegates.

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Keeping the Commonwealth Safe

May 12, 2015News ClipSome of Delegate Herring's 2015 Legislative Successes

As a member of the Virginia State Crime Commission, the Governor’s Taskforce on Heroin and Prescription Drugs, and the House Courts of Justice Committee, Delegate Herring takes making the Commonwealth a safer and more just place as a serious priority.

Working across the aisle and with the executive branch, she was able to make great strides toward that goal by passing the following legislation in the 2015 General Assembly Session:

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